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Booking the Palais

If you, your local community group or club are planning an event, then why not consider hiring the Palais? Costs for hiring the Palais are very reasonable and the Palais Management Committee may be able to help with your event. If you are interested in hiring the Palais, please ensure you have completed the following steps or phone us for any further questions on 0455 568 965

Read our Fees and Bond Requirements

Hire Charges

The fees are set by council and have been reduced from previous years to ensure the facility is available to all community groups or individuals.

Hire charges cover access to the hall and the facilities described above for the agreed period.

Hire charges do not include the provision of additional seating, stage equipment, including sound and theatrical lighting, or cleaning.

Hirers will be charged a fee to cover the cost of cleaning if this is required after their use. The fee charged is $35 per hour.

A deposit to cover additional expenses will be required at the time of signing the hire agreement (this deposit requirement may be waived at the discretion of the Palais Management Committee).

It is possible that the Main Hall and the Supper Room may be hired simultaneously for two different activities. If you believe the activity you are organising is not compatible with another activity please mention this at the time of signing the hire agreement - you may wish to consider hiring both rooms.

NB. If set- up or breakdown of equipment needs to occur on day prior to or following, hours required to do this are charged at the normal hourly rate for that room.


Main Hall Monday-Thursday $108 / day or $22 / hour
Main Hall Friday-Sunday $128 / day or $27 / hour
Supper Room Any day $70 / day or $18 / hour
Noni Carr Room Any day $46/ day or $15/ hour
All rooms (any day) for approved community groups is $10.00 hour, main hall $80/ day
Weddings or parties where alcohol is served $260/ day (set up at usual rates)
Multiple bookings per week may qualify for a 25% reduction of full fee
(Meeting rooms used more than once a week by same user, fee is discounted by 25%


The management committee manages a bond system for hall hirers.
General event bond $250 (including cleaning)
There is a service of alcohol bond of $150 additional to general bond
Coming of age birthdays (18th and 21st) bond is $500

Equipment Rates

All Items must are to be returned in clean state.
All breakages must be replaced.


Wine Glasses x 100 / $22.00 ( inc GST )
Champagne Glasses x 100 / $22.00 ( inc GST )
Trestle Tables x 12 / $5.50 each ( inc GST ) - included in hall hire
Chairs x 200 / $1.50 each - included in hall hire
Urn for 1 Day / $22.00 ( inc GST )
Data projector + screen/ $ 25.00 (inc GST) $10.00 for HVC recognised community groups
There is an equipment bond on all items of $50

NB Glass breakages $3.00 per glass

Sound System Rates

The Palais Sound System is available for use by hirers.
The hire fee is $60 per use/ day Community rate $30 per use/day
A separate bond of $250 is applicable and must be paid prior to the event

Digital cinema projector $100 per use/ day
Community Rate $50.00 per use/day
A separate bond of $250 is applicable and must be paid prior to the event

Read our Insurance info to determine if you require Insurance

Hall Hirers must protect themselves and ensure they are covered by Public Liability Insurance of at least 20 million dollars

Hirers have the choice of;

Obtaining or use their own public liability insurance. Many community organisations already have their own insurance policy, which covers their activities. (Council does require us to obtain a copy of the certificate of insurance).

Pay a fee and be covered under the Councils insurance policy. This fee is $25 per event, for a maximum of 52 bookings a year.

If you are running a commercial concern judged a high risk activity you must have your own insurance (e.g. Market, concert, sporting function). If you're unsure please seek advice from the council prior to booking.

Download and Complete our Hall Hire Agreement Form

Please download and complete our Hall Hire Agreement Form, once you have completed it please post to:

Booking Officer
PO BOX 227
Franklin TAS, 7113

Should you have any questions regarding filling out the Hall Hire Agreement form, please feel free to call us on 0455 568965

Please read the Food and Safety Standards if you are catering your event

The Palais has limited food preparation and food warming facilities. . Please discuss your needs with the Booking Officer prior to confirming your booking to avoid disappointment.

Charities and community organisations play an important role in our community, and fundraising events are a major contribution to the work of the community. But no one wants people to get sick from the food they eat at these events.

In Australia, the food law places many responsibilities on the proprietor of a food business. If you are the organiser of an event or an official of a charity or community organisation that is selling food, you need to be aware of these responsibilities.

If you understand your legal responsibilities and plan your events properly and in good time, complying with the law is straightforward.

Please find the link to the Food Standards Facts Sheet website at the bottom right side of this page. There you will be able to view or download all facts sheets you require for the food safety standards when catering an event.

Full outline of terms and conditions

The Council grants the hire of Hall/Meeting Room subject to the following conditions:


The right to use the Hall/Meeting Room is subject to the Council/Hall Management Committee receiving an application in the required form signed by the proposed hirer undertaking to comply with these conditions. If the proposed hirer is a club, the application must include the personal undertaking by an office bearer of the club.


A security bond as required by Council shall be paid by the hirer at the time of booking as a guarantee of fulfilment of these conditions, and as security against damage to the building or any fittings and furniture contained therein, and for any cleaning arranged by the Council/Hall Management Committee resulting from the hirer’s use of the premises. The hirer shall be liable on demand by the Council to pay any further amount in excess of such bond to meet the full cost of such damage or cleaning. If there is no breach of the conditions of usage or damage to the building or any fittings and furniture therein or abnormal cleaning the deposit will be returned within 1 week of the use of the premises.


Hire Fees shall be as determined by the Council on an annual basis.


Any cancellation of a booking for the hire of the premises shall be made at least 24 hours prior to the date of the function otherwise half the hire fee may be forfeited to the Council/Hall Management Committee.


The hirer shall take out and keep current during the period of hire a public liability insurance policy insuring for a sum of not less than twenty (20) million dollars, insuring against all actions, costs, claims, charges, expenses and damages whatsoever which may be brought or made or claimed against the Council or the hirer or both arising out of or in relation to the hiring arrangement. Proof of this policy must be by way of a Certificate of Currency, which must be annexed to this agreement, and form part of the agreement.

A Council held public liability insurance policy may be made available to jointly cover the
hirer but not in all circumstances. The availability of Council’s public liability insurance
policy cover is dependent on the activity that will be carried out within the Premises. If a hirer
is eligible for the cover they may access it up to a maximum of 12 uses throughout the year
and at a cost of $25 per use.


The hirer will comply with all Acts, Regulations and By-laws and obtain any required permits where applicable relevant to the activity being undertaken as part of this application.


The right conferred on the hirer shall be a permission to occupy and shall not be construed as a tenancy. Nothing contained in these conditions shall confer on a regular hirer the right to exclusive possession and the Council may at its discretion allow other individuals and groups to have casual use of the premises.


Hirers that are granted permission to use the Hall/Meeting Room shall not assign the right of use to any person, organisation or body.


If the hirer commits, permits or allows any breach or default in the performance and observance of any of these conditions the Council may terminate the permission to use the premises and the hirer shall immediately vacate the premises and the security deposit shall be forfeited to the Council.


Neither the Council nor its servants shall be liable for any loss or damage sustained by the hirer or any person, firm or corporation entrusting to or supplying any article or thing to the hirer by reason of any such article or thing being lost, damaged or stolen. The hirer hereby indemnifies the Council against any claim by any such person, firm or corporation in respect of such article or thing.


It shall be at the discretion of the Council to refuse to grant the hire of the Hall/Meeting Room in any case and, not withstanding that permission to hire the premises may have been granted or that these conditions may have been accepted and signed and the fees and deposit paid, the Council shall have the power to cancel such permission and direct the return of the fees and deposits so paid. The hirer hereby agrees in such case to accept the same and shall be held to have consented to such cancellation and to have no claim at law or in equity for any loss or damage in consequence thereof.


The hirer shall be responsible for the full observance of these conditions and for the maintenance and preservation of good order in the premises throughout the whole duration of the period of use. No spitting, obscene or insulting language or disorderly behaviour or damage to property shall be permitted in any part of the premises.

Smoking is not permitted in any Council building.


The hirer is responsible for leaving the premises in a clean and tidy state, and shall immediately remove all rubbish, refuse and waste matter. Any cost incurred by Council in cleaning the premises resulting from the condition in which the hirer left the premises shall be recoverable from the hirer.


(a) The floors, walls, curtains or any other part of the building or any fittings or furniture shall not be broken, pierced by nails or screws or in any other way damaged.

(b) The hirer shall accept full financial responsibility for damage to Council property except for normal wear and tear.


No notice, sign, advertisement, scenery, fittings or decorations of any kind shall be erected on the building or attached or affixed to the walls, doors or any other portion of the building, fittings or furniture, without prior consent of the Council.


In the event of any dispute or difference arising as to the interpretation of these conditions or of any matter or thing contained therein, the decision of Council thereon shall be final and conclusive.


By signing this application, the Hirer acknowledges that this agreement specifically relates to
the Area Being Hired described in Details of Booking in Schedule 1. If the Hirer wishes to hire
additional rooms, including for an event that is to be held on the same date and time as the
original hire, additional fees must be paid and a separate agreement must be entered into
and approved by the Council/Hall Management Committee.


All correspondence regarding any issue associated with the hire agreement, including the
practical application of the agreement (the Hire itself), is to be between the Hirer as
mentioned within this application and the Booking person responsible for the building. At no
time, except for reasons of emergency or imminent danger are any persons other than the
Hirer and Booking person to enter into correspondence of any nature with parties outside of
this agreement.


The personal information requested on this form is being collected by the Council for the purpose(s) of processing applications for community hall and / or meeting room hire and will be used for that/those primary purpose(s).The intended recipients of the information are Council Officers, data service providers engaged by Council from time to time / any other agent or contractor of Council. Council may disclose the information to law enforcement
agencies, courts and other organisations authorised to collect it.

Failure to provide this information will result in your application not being able to be processed.

Personal information will be managed in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act 2004 and you may make application for access or amendment to your information in writing to the General Manager, PO Box 210, Huonville 7109. You may be charged a fee for this service.

Take a look at what each room for hire offers and check availability on the Events Calendar.

Palais Main Hall

Palais Main Hall

The Main Hall is a large 12 metre by 21 metre polished timber floor area and includes a stage that is 7.6m deep by 12.2m wide. The stage is in good condition, recently sanded and has been used for Irish Dancing, Plays, School Concerts etc. Also in the main hall is a beautiful rear balcony with quartz halogen down lighting which creates a nice atmosphere for tables.

The Noni Carr Room

The Noni Carr Room

A small meeting room suitable for a meeting of up to 12 people comfortably, 15 at a pinch. Includes sink and bar service area.

Palais Supper Room

Palais Supper Room

The Supper Room is room accessed by a staircase from the Theatre foyer. It is approx 6.1m * 13.8m with fireplaces at each end. It has a small kitchen with very limited facilities. It is suitable for intimate performance and small to medium sized meetings. Please speak to the management before planning on using kitchen facilities.


Booking the Palais

Hall hire agreement

Food standards Fact Sheets Website

Venue booking enquiry form.

If it is a public event we will add the informationm to the calendar otherwise it will just say private on the calendar.

Public Event?

*Choose Venue

*Choose Dates & Times



If public liability is not selected then a Certificate of Currency from own P/L insurer must be provided

If insurance levy is applicable then enter the amount

I have read and agree with the information outlined on this page.

*I agree and wish to proceed

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